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ISIS in Dagestan

When I was in Jerusalem at a conference on Russia and the Muslim world in May, the Russian representative announced that “terrorism has been wiped out in the North Caucasus.” This attitude exposes Russia’s incredibly short-sighted approach to the region. You would think that after 300 years of pushback from the Caucasus peoples to Russian […]

Is a Georgian-Abkhazian Confederation Possible?

One of the most contentious issues I’ve encountered in the Caucasus is the Georgian-Abkhazian dispute. My own research has only touched some superficial historical aspects of the conflict, but the Abkhazian situation mirrors others both in the Caucasus and throughout the world. I found this article today in Vestnik Kavkaza that presents a possible solution: ****************************** The […]

My (Unsuccessful) Appeal to the Australian Government to Accept Circassian Refugees from Syria

I’m putting this here for posterity’s sake. *****************************************             My name is Walter Richmond.  I am a Professor of Russian Studies at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California.  I have been teaching at Occidental College since 1995. I received a Ph.D. in Slavic Languages and Literatures from the University of Southern California in 1994.  I […]

Explosion in Ingushetia: Attack or Provocation?

This is an interesting development. ******************************************* Explosion in Ingushetia: Attack or Provocation?  13.12.2018 from The Caucasus Times: December 13, Caucasus Times. “An assault on the staff of the Rosgvard stationed in Ingushetia and the subsequent murder of two Ingush activists was a planned action aimed at discrediting the Ingush opposition,” people in Ingushetia are saying. […]

Walt Richmond’s Address to the Conference “Circassians in the 21st Century: Identity and Survival—In the Homeland and Diaspora,” Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden, November 2017

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to talk about my research, and especially to Professor Hansen for inviting me here today. It’s encouraging to see the field of Circassian studies grow since so much I first started working on Circassian history, when there was in English only Stephen Shenfield’s 1999 article on the ethnic […]

Activists Contend Political Obstacles to Repatriation of Circassians to Russia

I have an article dealing with this subject and the many problems the Syrian War creates for Moscow vis-a-vis the Caucasus. I have to wait concerning its possible publication elsewhere, but if it turns out it won’t be published in that place I’ll put the article here. In the meantime, this is a translation of […]

A Brief History of Russian Efforts at Assimilating the Caucasus, Part One

The peoples of the North Caucasus have proven to be the most resistant not only to assimilation, but even to full integration into Russian economic and cultural life of all the non-Russian peoples living within the current borders of Russia. Looking over the historical record, one can see that the Russian government in its various […]

Is the Chechen/Ingush Border Change the Start of Something Bigger?

I plan to write an analysis of this issue, which raises international questions (in the cases of Ossetia and Lezginstan) as well as domestic ones. The speculation of this article from The Caucasus Times–that Moscow plans to consolidate the North Caucasus and thereby eliminate all the autonomous republics as havens for non-Russians to preserve their cultures–is definitely […]

Did the Chechen/Ingush Border Dispute Open a Pandora’s Box?

The following article addresses precisely the question I had when I first heard about the Ingush/Chechen border dispute: won’t this awaken multiple efforts to redefine the borders of the various Caucasus republics? Even a brief summary of such disputes would require a major article. The Russian Empire arbitrarily divided the Caucasus based on the positions […]