Chechen Historian’s Book Banned

“Eighteen years after the death of the famous Chechen historian, author and social activist, Abudrahman Avtorkhanov, who dedicated his entire life to anti-Soviet activities, the Meshchansky Regional Court of Moscow has banned his book The Kremlin’s Empire: The Soviet Path to Colonialism.”

The original article can be found here. Here are some more excerpts:

“Experts we asked at “Kavkaz.Realii” conjecture that the ban is connected to the description of the Ukrainian national liberation movement during the Second World War.

“It’s interesting that the Meshchansky Court made its decision about declaring the book extremist back in 2015, although it was added to the Federal List of the Ministry of Justice only on December 5. According to [Director of the Informational-Analytical Center Aleksandr] Verkhovsky, this frequently happens . . .

“Nearly all literature withdrawn from the Ukrainian library are revisionist works concerning the Soviet era. Since Avtorkhanov’s book contains insufficient denunciations of the Ukrainian nationalist movement during the work, in part concerning the Banderovtsy, this alone seemed a sufficient basis for the procurator in charge,” Verkhovsky said.

“In response, [Chechen publicist Rizvan] Ibrahimov emphasized that Avtorkhanov was not an anti-Russian activist, but anti-Soviet; in other words, there is nothing against Russia in his works.

“’Avtorkhanov criticized the Soviet regime. He was not anti-Russian. He had a saying that the Chechen people would be able to attain freedom only after the Russian people attained it. This shows that his activities were not anti-Russian,’ Ibrahimov said.”

This reminded me of the short-lived and thoroughly laughable “Presidential Committee to Combat the Falsification of History to the Detriment of Russia’s Interests,” which was apparently used against a blogger who posted one of my lectures and was subsequently arrested and interrogated for propagating “extremist literature.”

Actually, Russian history is fascinating to study just to see the different ways in which the Caucasus Wars were whitewashed, justified and/or denied. In the future I’ll write a short paper on this subject.

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