Eduard Enfiajyan’s Open Letter to The Georgian Ministry of the Interior

Vice-President of the Geopolitical Club Edward Enfiajyan has addressed an open letter to the Georgian Minister of Internal Affairs Georgy Gakharia. The original Russian letter was published at I’ll try to comment on this situation in the next couple of days.

“I, Edward Enfiajyan, a citizen of the United States originally from Akhaltsikhe, faced a problem at the Tbilisi airport on June 30 that I could never even imagine could happen to me. The issue is that for some unknown reason I was not permitted to enter Georgia, and this in light of the fact that in the course of my public activities I have never spoken ill of the state of Georgia and, moreover, always supported the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

I think this should have been enough for the Georgian authorities to respect basic human rights and allow me to visit the graves of my ancestors and my hometown where I spent my childhood. It is certainly unnecessary to advise the Georgian authorities to examine their archives and learn of the contributions my ancestors made to Akhaltsikhe’s social life or to learn how they participated in Akhaltsikhe in 1918 against the Turkish army.

My political and social activities can in no way harm the Republic of Georgia. On the contrary, I have always to the best of my abilities strived to unravel the difficult questions in Javakhk in the name of our peoples’ future. I have always publicly expressed support for the notion of ​​restoring the territorial integrity of Georgia and against the occupation policy of Russia towards Georgia. To mention a situation similar to mine, to put it mildly, it is unclear how Russian Communist Deputy Sergei Gavrilov, who voted for the violent seizure of Georgian territories, was allowed to enter Georgia and visit this country’s parliament while I, a US citizen, Eduard Enfiajian, am prohibited from entering the territory of Georgia.

I am convinced that the authorities of Georgia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs must solve this problem and accept that what happened to me was at the very least a consequence of a misunderstanding. It is for this reason that I urge the authorities of Georgia, and especially the Ministry of the Interior, to reconsider the ban on entry into Georgia, implemented towards me. ”

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