A Greeting from The Talysh-Mugan Autonomous Republic’s Government in Exile

I received this greeting a couple days ago. The Talysh are one of the nations that were “cut in half” by treaties between the large nations surrounding the Caucasus–in this case Russia and Iran–and who are struggling to survive assimilation efforts by the current governments in charge. I personally don’t have a great deal of knowledge of the history and politics of this situation, but I do know enough to realize the Talysh are in trouble as a nation.

“Dear ladies and gentlemen!
We are Talysh! From the creation of Great God and fate we lived and live in the south-east of the current Republic of Azerbaijan, in the north of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the Talysh Plateau (in the fake form in Lankaran lowland), in the Talysh mountains, as a whole in the Talysh-Mughan region (falsified southern region) along Kaspi (Caspian) Sea. Political, Economic and Social Approach of the State of the Republic of Azerbaijan, created in thoughtful form Demographic changes in the Talysh-Mugan region are continuously carried out in severe forms. And now, according to the number, the massive migration and assimilation process of the Talysh, the second after the Turks (fake Azeris) who regard themselves as self-titled, is continuously planned. The Talysh people who are respectful of their national identity, honor and dignity, who are proud of God, who are grateful to the Creator, who are now few in number, fearless, libertarian sons are struggling for life without tiring. 
This struggle had begun 30 years ago, with the insistence of the Talysh children, who are the dignity we have mentioned above, announcing the creation of the Talysh Mughan Autonomous Republic, despite the fact that the Republic of Azerbaijan has appealed to the actual Supreme Legislative Body, no response has been received so far. The survivors of the Talysh, who were facing brutal repression, had to migrate all over the world!
And the life of the real, fierce Talysh who lives in the emigration is not safe now. Thus, the key to its existence is the fact that the AR ruling regime established on bribery and corruption can find its counterparts in close proximity to everywhere, including the Russian Federation, and in the real sense of the word has kidnapped the people who are examples of devotion to the life of the Talysh people and brought to Azerbaijan and sentenced to prison! Indeed, a scientist-publicist, publicist, socio-political figure of the Talish people Fakhraddin Abbasov, in an unintentional manner has appeared in the isolator of the State Security Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the real sense of the word and at present, almost all the world is aware of it. 
The invisible most destructive part of this inhumane act was that in the Republic of Azerbaijan, almost all the progressive ideas that the world is convinced, accounted for, democratic-liberal, humanistic criteria, non-governmental organizations, human rights defenders, political figures and organizations operating in the country and abroad, demonstrating extraordinary solidarity and refused to protest against Fakhraddin Abbasov’s stealing, illegal possession, and facing inhuman treatment still present moment. 
Leyla Yunusova, Arzu Abdullayeva, Oktay Gulaliyev, and others, internationally recognized human rights defenders in Azerbaijan, in the form of demonstrators, refusing to defend F.Abbasov in their form, expressing their panturist fascist thinking, They reaffirmed their loyalty to the Talysh once again and …. we would like when the progressive world community establishes all relationships with this organization, press, and fraudulent defenders, take into account racist-fascist approaches!
When the progressive world community establishes all relationships with this organization, press, and fraudulent defenders, take into account racist-fascist approaches!

Best regards,
The President of the TMAR
The prime minister of the TMAR refugee government,
R. Mirzoyev.”

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