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Chechen Historian’s Book Banned

“Eighteen years after the death of the famous Chechen historian, author and social activist, Abudrahman Avtorkhanov, who dedicated his entire life to anti-Soviet activities, the Meshchansky Regional Court of Moscow has banned his book The Kremlin’s Empire: The Soviet Path to Colonialism.” The original article can be found here. Here are some more excerpts: “Experts […]

400 Students from the Caucasus Arrested and Abused in Moscow

From the site Kavkaz.Realii, December 17, 2018: “400 students of the Sergo Ordzhonokidze State Geological Exploratory University were detained by the Russian National Guard. According to the site, the representatives of the North Caucasus had established “their own rules” in the dormitory.” However, what this means was never clarified. “Russian soldiers began a passport […]